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Water Saver® Pro

High Quality Turf-Type Tall Fescue Blend
  • Perfect for landscapes, golf courses, and low maintenance areas.
  • Ideal in full sun and partial shade
  • Lower growing with excellent heat tolerance
  • High traffic tolerance with moderate wear recovery
  • Excellent disease resistance
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Achieve Lush, Resilient Lawns with Water Saver Tall Fescue Blend

At Barenbrug, we understand the challenges of maintaining beautiful, resilient lawns, especially under varying and sometimes harsh conditions. That's why we've designed the Water Saver Tall Fescue Blend—your ultimate partner in achieving lush, green grass that stands the test of time.

Why Choose Water Saver Tall Fescue Blend?

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Our Water Saver Tall Fescue Blend is crafted to meet the high demands of professional landscapers, sports field managers, and golf superintendents. Here’s why it stands out:

1. Superior Drought Tolerance

Say goodbye to brown patches and brittle lawns. The Water Saver blend thrives with reduced water, ensuring your turf stays vibrant and healthy even during dry spells. This means less watering, lower utility bills, and a more sustainable approach to lawn care.

2. Enhanced Durability

Designed to withstand heavy use, Water Saver is perfect for areas with high foot traffic, such as sports fields and golf courses. Enjoy a robust and resilient lawn that recovers quickly from wear and tear, keeping your grounds looking pristine year-round.

3. Deep Root System

The deep root system of our Water Saver Tall Fescue Blend ensures better nutrient uptake and soil stability. This translates to stronger, healthier grass that’s less susceptible to diseases and pests, providing peace of mind and reduced maintenance efforts.

4. Vibrant, Green Appearance

Achieve the lush, green lawns of your dreams. This Barenbrug tall fescue blend offers a dense, rich color that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any landscape, creating an inviting and professional look that impresses clients and visitors alike.

Tailored Solutions for Professionals

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At Barenbrug, we cater to professionals who demand excellence in their turf management. Our Water Saver blend is specifically formulated to meet your unique needs, providing solutions that make your job easier and more effective. It performs exceptionally well in the U.S. Transition Zone and most areas from Colorado to the California coastline.

Landscapers, create stunning landscapes that leave a lasting impression. Our Water Saver blend ensures your projects stand out with vibrant, resilient grass that requires minimal upkeep.

Manage a sports field? Keep your fields in prime condition with turf that can handle intense activity and recover quickly. Focus on the game, not the grass.

Golf superintendents, maintain impeccable roughs and surrounds. Our tall fescue blend delivers the performance and appearance necessary for top-tier golf courses.

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