Light green golf course fairway under the setting sun.


Perennial Ryegrass Blend
  • Natural color to conceal poa
  • Greater adaptability
  • Low growth habit
  • Excellent mowing quality
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Wear tolerant
  • Great for tees and fairways
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Introducing XPC: Your Solution for Flawless Turf

Are you seeking the perfect turf blend that delivers exceptional performance and a superior playing surface? Look no further than XPC! Our expertly crafted blend of genetically advanced turf-type perennial ryegrass varieties is designed to meet the demanding needs of golf course managers, landscapers, and turf care professionals.

Why Choose XPC?

  • Naturally Hides Poa Annua: XPC's light natural color effectively conceals unwanted Poa annua, creating a visually appealing and consistent turf.
  • Excellent Mowing Quality: With its fine leaf texture, XPC produces a clean, crisp cut that enhances the overall appearance of your turf.
  • Wear Tolerance: XPC's resilient varieties withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for tees, fairways, and high-use areas.
  • Versatile Application: Whether you're overseeding or establishing new turf, XPC delivers outstanding results across various settings.
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One of the most compelling environmental benefits of XPC is its innovative approach to managing Poa annua, a common and persistent weed in turf systems. Unlike traditional turf management strategies that often rely heavily on chemical herbicides to control Poa annua, XPC's unique blend is designed to coexist with this weed. By effectively concealing Poa annua within its light green color, XPC provides a natural-looking, uniform playing surface without the need for potentially harmful herbicides. This not only reduces the chemical load on the environment but also promotes a healthier ecosystem around the turf area. XPC's ability to blend with Poa annua rather than eradicate it positions it as an eco-friendly choice for professionals looking to maintain pristine turf while minimizing their environmental impact.

XPC Blend Characteristics

XPC combines top-performing perennial ryegrass varieties, which have been specifically chosen for their:

  • Natural green genetic color
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Wear tolerance

This carefully selected blend creates a visually stunning and high-performance turf that will elevate your golf course or landscape to new heights.

Experience the XPC Difference

Ready to elevate your turf to the next level? Choose XPC and discover the perfect blend of beauty, performance, and Poa annua control. Contact us today to learn more about how XPC can transform your golf course or landscape!