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Turf Star®

Perennial Ryegrass Blend
  • Broad adaptability to all areas of Perennial rye adaptation
  • Dense low-growth habit with a fine leaf texture
  • Good grey leaf spot resistance
  • Very dark green color
  • Strong wear tolerance
  • Excellent turf quality
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Turf Star Perennial Ryegrass Blend: Elevate Your Turf to Stardom

Premium Perennial Ryegrass Blend for Golf Courses and Sports Fields

Are you seeking a superior grass seed blend that can withstand heavy foot traffic, maintain a lush appearance, and deliver excellent turf quality? Look no further than Turf Star Grass Seed, the premier choice for golf course superintendents, managers, and sports field professionals.

Why Choose Turf Star?

  • Broad Adaptability: Thrives in all areas where perennial ryegrass is adapted
  • Dense, Low-Growth Habit: Fine leaf texture for an aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Grey Leaf Spot Resistance: Stays healthy and vibrant even in challenging conditions
  • Strong Wear Tolerance: Withstands intense foot traffic and recovers quickly
  • Fast Germination and Establishment: Rapidly develops into a robust, high-quality turf

Applications and Benefits

Turf Star Grass Seed is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Golf course tees, fairways, and roughs
  • Sports fields for football, soccer, baseball, and more
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Home lawns in cool to temperate climates

Our premium blend of dark green perennial ryegrass varieties boasts superior genetics and mechanical purity, ensuring a uniform, visually striking turf that will impress players and spectators alike.

Overseeding Made Easy

Turf Star Grass Seed is also the perfect solution for fall inter-seeding to rejuvenate your turf after harsh summers. Its quick germination and establishment make it the go-to choice for golf course professionals looking to boost turf quality and maintain pristine playing surfaces.

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Trusted for Over a Decade

For more than ten years, Turf Star has been the inter-seeding standard in the golf industry. Its consistent performance, reliable results, and unmatched quality have earned it a reputation as the premier grass seed blend for demanding turf professionals.

Elevate Your Turf Today

Don't settle for ordinary grass seed. Choose Turf Star Grass Seed and experience the difference of a truly premium blend. Contact us today to learn more about how Turf Star can help you achieve the exceptional turf quality your facility deserves.