Perennial Ryegrass Blend
  • Fast germination and strong seedling vigor
  • High yielding
  • Highly palatable and nutritious
  • High in digestible fiber
  • Improved winter-hardiness and disease resistance
Generic forage 50lb bag

Welcome to BG-24T Perennial Ryegrass Blend

Are you a cattle farmer looking for a reliable, high-quality forage solution? Meet BG-24T Perennial Ryegrass Blend—an innovative blend designed to thrive in the diverse and challenging conditions of cool-season grass growing regions in the United States.

Why Choose BG-24T?

BG-24T is not just another ryegrass blend; it's the result of nearly a decade of research and development by Barenbrug's expert breeders. Here's why BG-24T stands out:

  • Heat and Cold Tolerance: Our team has selected varieties to withstand high summer temperatures and harsh winters, ensuring your pasture remains lush and productive year-round.
  • Disease Resistance: The new varieties in BG-24T offer better disease tolerance, reducing the risk of yield loss and keeping your cattle healthy.
  • Dense and Palatable: The blend consists mainly of diploid perennial ryegrass for a dense stand and includes tetraploid perennial ryegrass to improve overall palatability and productivity.

What Makes BG-24T Unique?

Early and Intermediate Maturing Varieties

Research by Barenbrug USA has shown that early and intermediate maturing varieties outshine very late maturing varieties during high summer temperatures. This means BG-24T will continue to perform even when the weather gets tough, giving you a dependable forage solution.

Part of the Pinpoint™ Family

BG-24T is featured in our Pinpoint™ family of products, representing the pinnacle of our breeding expertise and commitment to innovation. When you choose BG-24T, you're choosing a product backed by years of rigorous testing and refinement.

How BG-24T Benefits Your Farm

  • Increased Productivity: A denser stand and improved palatability lead to better grazing efficiency and higher milk and meat production.
  • Year-Round Performance: Designed to thrive in extreme environmental conditions, BG-24T ensures a productive pasture through hot summers and cold winters.
  • Enhanced Animal Health: With better disease resistance and a nutrient-rich composition, BG-24T helps maintain the health and wellbeing of your cattle.