HayMaster Pro

HayMaster® Pro

Premium Hay Mixture
  • Quick dry-down
  • Drought tolerant
  • Soft-leaved, late-maturing mixture
  • High yields into the summer
  • Excellent source of digestible fiber
  • Ideal for planting alone or as companion with alfalfa
  • Persistent
haymaster pro

HayMaster Pro: Elevate Your Hay Production

Welcome to the next level of hay production with HayMaster Pro, a part of our esteemed Master Series™. Crafted to meet the specific needs of cattle and dairy operations, this innovative seed mix promises top-tier performance and quality.

Why Choose HayMaster Pro?

Designed with your hay production success in mind, HayMaster Pro offers a range of benefits that cater to your unique needs:

High-Quality, High-Performing Hay

HayMaster Pro stands out with its meticulously selected varieties, ensuring quick dry-down times and preserving the quality of your crop. Whether you’re cultivating a pure grass hay field or mixing with legumes, our blend is engineered for excellence.

Customized Mixes for Optimal Growth

Our seed mixture features elite late-maturing, soft-leaved tall fescues, Timothy, Brome, and High Leaf Ratio Orchardgrass. These varieties are chosen for their superior performance in the Western climate, peaking in late spring and early summer. This timing allows you to harvest during the dry season, optimizing your yield.

Ideal for Cattle and Dairy Operations

HayMaster Pro is specifically formulated to boost the productivity of your cattle and dairy operations. The high-quality hay produced from our seeds ensures that your livestock receives the best nutrition, contributing to their overall health and productivity.

Planting Guidelines

To achieve the best results with HayMaster Pro, consider the following planting tips:

Best Planting Times

  • Late Summer to Early Fall: Ideal for most conditions.
  • Spring: A viable second option in regions with hot, humid summers.

Seedbed Preparation

  • Depth: Loosen soil to a depth of 6 inches.
  • Surface: Ensure the top 0.5 inches is a finer seedbed.
  • Fertilization: Apply a locally recommended seed starter fertilizer at the suggested rate before seeding.

Application Methods

  • Small Areas: Use a broadcast spreader or slice/slit seeder.
  • Large Areas: Hydroseeding is recommended for efficient coverage.

Establishment Tips

HayMaster Pro can be planted in both Spring and Fall. For areas with extreme summer conditions, Fall seeding is preferable. Follow these steps for successful establishment:

  • Seedbed: Prepare a firm seedbed and plant seeds no deeper than 1/4 inch.
  • No-Till Drilling: HayMaster Pro can also be no-till drilled into an existing alfalfa stand, providing flexibility and ease of integration with your current operations.