Green golf course fairway under blue skies with evergreen trees lining the course.

Top Flight™

Perennial Ryegrass Over-seed Blend
  • An affordable blend of 3 quality perennial ryegrass varieties
  • Ideal for the over-seeding of warm-season turf
  • Quick to germinate and establish
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Welcome to Greener Fairways with Top Flight Perennial Ryegrass

Achieving the perfect turf is an art and a science, and at Barenbrug, we're passionate gardeners and innovators devoted to bringing you the best in sustainable turf solutions. We understand the pride and dedication you put into your golf courses and fields; that's why we've crafted Top Flight Perennial Ryegrass, blending tradition with technology for a turf that thrives under the toughest conditions.

Golf course tee box with green fairways under blue skies.

Top Flight is a high-quality 3-way blend of proven perennial ryegrass varieties designed to be more affordable for the warm-season turf over-seed market. Top Flight exceeds certified standards and creates a lush green turf that is excellent for golf courses, parks, sports fields and home lawns. Top Flight germinates fast as well as quickly establishing a dense turf. When transitioning back to warm-season turf, Top Flight will be easier to chemically remove than elite perennial ryegrasses.