HGT Sod – Now A-LIST Certified

TANGENT, OR – July 8, 2024 – Barenbrug USA is excited to announce that our premier Kentucky bluegrass blend, HGT Sod, is now an A-LIST certified product, affirming its position as the top choice for golf courses and athletic fields. This certification highlights HGT Sod's superior qualities, including reduced water requirements, fewer chemicals and pesticides, less fertilizer, and increased heat tolerance.

"We're thrilled that our HGT Sod is now an A-LIST certified product, solidifying its place as the top turf option on the market," said Micah Gould, Turf Product Manager. "It’s resilient nature and ability to stand up to heavy use make it the perfect choice for any athletic surface."

Why A-LIST Certification Matters

A-LIST certification is awarded to grasses that meet rigorous standards for environmental sustainability and performance. These standards ensure certified products require less water, fewer chemicals, and less fertilizer while providing increased heat tolerance. This makes A-LIST certified products not only better for the environment but also more cost-effective for maintenance.

HGT Sod Midway University

*HGT Sod at Midway University Baseball Field

HGT Sod's Unmatched Quality

HGT Sod combines groundbreaking technology with high-performing Kentucky bluegrass varieties, making it unparalleled in the industry. After evaluating NTEP trial data, the A-LIST research board approved the following Kentucky bluegrass varieties used in our HGT Sod blend:

HGT usa logo
  • Barrister
  • Barserati
  • Barvette HGT

Altogether these varieties produce a grass that stands out for its aggressiveness, resilience, and superior performance on golf courses and athletic fields.

Exclusive Availability Through TPA Licensed Growers

The Turf Producers Association (TPA) is a distinguished body dedicated to upholding the highest standards in turfgrass production. As pioneers in the industry, TPA licensed sod growers ensure that only the best, most reliable turf products reach the market. That's why Barenbrug USA has chosen to partner exclusively with TPA licensed growers for the distribution of HGT Sod. This collaboration guarantees that every roll of HGT Sod meets the exceptional quality and performance benchmarks we stand by. By purchasing from TPA licensed growers, customers can trust they're receiving HGT Sod that's been cultivated with expert care and meticulous attention, ensuring optimal results for their athletic fields.

TPA's Commitment to Excellence

Jenny Carritt, Executive Director of the TPA, expressed her enthusiasm for this development, stating, "We are incredibly excited to see HGT Sod now as A-LIST certified. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our licensed sod growers, who continually strive to deliver the best products to market. At TPA, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in turf production, and this milestone reinforces our collective efforts to support high-quality, sustainable golf courses and athletic fields."


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